Milwaukee Tennis Classic Co-Founder Al McGuire
Has More Than Basketball on His Famed Resume




The legacy of Coach Al McGuire continues today over and above his hall of fame basketball achievements.  Two years before leading the Marquette Warriors to the 1977 NCAA men’s basketball championship, Coach and Athletic Director Al McGuire made a decision in March 1975 that positively impacted and advanced the sport of tennis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for decades. McGuire approved and actively supported the creation of the Milwaukee TennisClassic! McGuire’s interest would  continue for many years when he attended tournament matches and, in 1982, served as the Honorary Chairman of the tournament.

On January 5, 1982, Coach McGuire shared his insights on the seven-year-old tournament: “I remember the year 1975 when I was still the Athletic Director at Marquette. I requested Charles Mulcahy to take a more active role in the Marquette tennis program and he immediately responded with an elaborate written plan, which included the Milwaukee Tennis Classic. This tournament was merely a dream at that time … Fortunately the Milwaukee Journal was willing to rekindle its interest in tennis and provide the necessary seed money which resulted in a first-class tournament from the first year forward … All of us enjoyed the challenge of helping Marquette provide a national tennis program … What has happened since is history …
the Classic has grown every year until it now stands as one of the largest and most respected nationally sanctioned intercollegiate tournaments in the country.”

In 1975, Mulcahy, George J. Gaspar and John D. Roethle became the initial members of the MTC board of directors and dozens of volunteers joined forces to produce the event which is now in its 45th year.

Ten years after the formation of the MTC, McGuire was the animated, enthusiastic and sole narrator of a nine-minute MTC promotional video. The video is vintage McGuire and a production for the ages. For the remainder of his life, Coach McGuire continued his interest in and support of the MTC.

The MTC board of directors and tournament officials recognize, appreciate, respect and are thankful for the critical role Coach McGuire played in founding and sustaining the Milwaukee Tennis Classic!

Coach McGuire will always be remembered for the positive and supportive role he played in founding and developing the MTC.