2022 Sportsmanship award winners

Emily Tannenbaum, Navy

Sasya Panyan, Navy

Honorees cited as role models with award named for Mulcahy

The Milwaukee Tennis Classic Sportsmanship Award is presented in honor of Charles C. (Chas) Mulcahy, who co-founded the tournament in 1975. The award is given annually to the young man and young woman competing in the tournament who demonstrate meaningful and significant sportsmanship to serve as a role model not only for the tournament, but also for the sport of tennis.

Mulcahy has worked with members of the Milwaukee community over the past 44 years to build the Classic into the nation’s longest running invitational tennis tournament for collegiate men and women. He continues to serve as president of Milwaukee Tennis Classic, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit, Wisconsin corporation.

Mulcahy is a former No. 1 singles and doubles player for Marquette University, where he captained the team for all three years of his varsity career (1957-59). He was a two-time participant in the NCAA Men’s Tennis Championships. In 1959, Mulcahy received the McCahill Award, which is presented annually to a Marquette senior student-athlete who demonstrates the highest performance in scholarship, leadership and athletics.

Mulcahy was honored by the Marquette “M” Club in 1976 as the organization’s Man of the Year and in 1988 was inducted into the Marquette University Athletic Hall of Fame. In 1998, he co-chaired the World Semi-final Davis Cup tie between the US and Italy and was recipient of the Joseph E. O’Neill Award of the National Sports Law Institute. The Marquette University College of Arts & Sciences in 2004 presented Mulcahy with its Distinguished Alumnus Award. In April 2007, the new scoreboard in Marquette’s Helfaer Tennis Stadium & Recreation Center, was dedicated to Mulcahy.

Mulcahy and his wife, Judy (Marquette, 1961), have three daughters – Mary, Meg and Beth – who all played varsity tennis at Marquette when the team won two conference championships. Daughter Meg Mulcahy Ekmark won the McCahill Award in 1990 to create the only father/daughter recipients of the Award. Meg and Beth also graduated from Marquette Law School. A third generation joined the lineup in 2012 when Mary’s son, Connor Muth, served as student manager of the men’s varsity tennis team for four years, graduating in 2016.

In 2015, Mulcahy and J. Thomas Hurvis co-founded the Al Hurvis/ADAMM Education Foundation which now administers and has
expanded the MTC scholarship program. Hurvis/ADAMM and MTC collaborate in presenting the tournament and community outreach programs.

Sportsmanship Award Winners 1980-2021

2021 Brian Shi, Harvard
2018 Robert Krill, UW-Madison
2017 Zeke Clark, Illinois
2016 Thomas J. Pecor, Navy
2015 Lucas Waak, Valparaiso
2014 Lucas Anderson, Ball State
2013 Andy Jackson, Air Force
2012 Logon Collins, Marquette
2011 Alexandre Brym, Ball State
2010 Zane Smith, Ball State
2009 Cliff Morrison, Ball State
2008 Stephen Shao, Marquette
2007 Jose Mancada, DePaul
2006 Mark Rutherford, Marquette
2005 Eigintas Vedrickas, Marquette
2004 Tommy Dennis, Western Michigan
          Michael Paul, Middle Tennessee (WC)
2003 Mat Cloer, Florida State
2002 Travis Parrott, Portland
2001 Cody Hubbell, Texas A&M
2000 Jamal Parker, Illinois
1999 Hiro Nakamyura, Cal-Berkeley
1998 David McNamara, Mid-Tenn. State

1997 Thomas Blake, Harvard
1996 Ricky Becker, Stanford
1995 Robby Scott, Abilene Christian
1994 Mark Weaver, Texas A&M
1993 Ignacio Martinez, U. of San Diego
1992 Janne Holtary, LSU
1991 Jack Waite, UW-Madison
1990 Koen Geenen, Leuven (Belgium)
1989 Pete Fitzpatrick, Cal-Berkeley
1988 Sven Saluuma, Indiana
1987 Tony Snoyenbas, UW-Stout
1986 Peter Wright, California
1985 Andy Castle, Wichita State
1984 Dan Weiss, Northwestern
1983 Paul Annacone, Tennessee
1982 Paul Smith, Wichita State
1981 John Buchi, Oral Roberts
1980 Mark Diekson, Clemson

Miranda Ramirez, Syracuse
Summer Brills, Duke
Milena Toseva, Boise State
Kelly Poggensee-Wei, Cincinnati
Ana Pimienta, Marquette
Yuriko Ono, Western Michigan
Rocio Diaz, Marquette
Ana Gomez Aleman, Kansas State
Petra Niedermayerova, Kansas State
Gillian and Rachael Hush, Marquette
Paulina Bigos, Alabama
Andrea Brenes, Alabama
Megan Moulton-Levy, William & Mary
Alyssa Detroy, Dayton
Sanja Indic, Portland

Leigh Bradwell, Kentucky
Melissa Woods, Kentucky
Kathy Sell, Duke
Elisa Penalvo, Marquette
Brooke Siebel, Duke
Shannon Duffy, Northwestern,
Alison Nash, ASU
Elizabeth Schmidt, UCLA
Marjorie Gantman, Northwestern
Nadia Smirnova, Auburn
Gulberk Gultekin, Alabama
Lisa Parks, Cal-Berkeley
Ali Yoshimoto, Cal-Irvine
Tiffany Silveria, Cal-Berkeley
Monika Waniek, Oklahoma State
Sokolwan Kocharoen, U. of San Diego
Betsy Somerville, Arizona
Caroline Knudten, Kentucky
Kathy Frederici, Georgetown
Lyn Henderson, BYU
Sue Pendo, USC
Pam Jung, Pepperdine
Helena Monset, UCLA
Micki Schillig, San Diego State
Susan Hill, Clemson