Havice & Eisenberg Capture Key Moments

Since 2017, Michael J. Havice and Russ Eisenberg have served as the official photographers of Milwaukee Tennis Classic matches and events in multiple settings and locations including Western Racquet Club, The Town Club, Milwaukee Country Club, Kosiuszko Park, Brown Deer High School, Helfaer Tennis Stadium and others!

Havice and Eisenberg move quickly and easily into covering key moments in matches and in the promotional events.

They have compiled a vast, valuable series of photographs preserving the history of the MTC. Everyone cooperates and enjoys working with with Havice/ Eisenberg as they appear nearly everywhere! Havice/Eisenberg are a special and unique blend of photography talent and personalities!

Havice had a long and successful teaching career involving telecommunication at both the high school (Michigan) and university levels (Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin). After securing a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Drake University, Havice completed the last 29 years of his distinguished career teaching Broadcast and Electronic Communication at Marquette University.

Then Havice devoted his career to artistic photography where he achieved meaningful professional recognition and served with various arts boards and organizations; and, eventually was introduced to the Milwaukee Tennis Classic by fellow photographer Russ Eisenberg!

Havice was not a tennis player but he accepted this “photographic challenge, while photographing tennis, to artistically present each player and the tennis as an exercise in passion, precision and performance.”

Havice has a unique artistic perspective: Photographs tell stories! His images pose a relationship between the subject and surroundings. Each image is a dialogue within the moment. He presents depth, balance, contrast and story to illustrate his subjects as brilliant moments. He frames the image looking for a story, detail, depth and a sense of motion. His challenge is to amplify the image/story while keeping impressions personal while vibrant.

Russ Eisenberg is a former top ranked junior tennis player, a graduate of Washington High School, Marquette University and its law school. Eisenberg qualified for the USTA Junior Westerns and Nationals. He is also an accomplished professional jazz pianist and organist.

Eisenberg had a distinguished career in the law initially representing banks and other financial institutions. For many years he served as a highly respected United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Eastern District of Wisconsin; and, after retirement in the Bankruptcy Court in Baltimore, MD.

Eisenberg always had an artistic flair; so, after retirement from the law, with the encouragement and support of his wife, Merzy, pursued photography with a passion for excellence including being part of the photography program at Cardinal Stritch University. About this time, Eisenberg reconnected with tennis friend Chas Mulcahy who encouraged and successfully recruited him to bring his photography talent to the MTC.

Eisenberg enjoyed reconnecting with top flight tennis on the court rather than watching on TV. He was also pleased to see the MTC community outreach including donating racquets, balls and MTC T-shirts; scholarships for young people from underserved areas; and, clinics enthusiastically provided by Coach Kelsey McKenna and her University of Wisconsin women’s tennis team.

Shortly after joining MTC, Eisenberg recruited Michael Havice to join him to complete the photography team able to provide coverage at several locations including recently Milwaukee Country Club and Western Racquet Club.

Havice and Eisenberg have displayed their location and street photography in multiple local and national exhibitions. They have become a critical part of the culture of the MTC; and, have the admiration, respect and gratitude of the entire tennis community.

MTC president Kurt Janavitz reflected: “Michael and Russ have provided MTC with first class photography in a low key but highly effective manner. Their collective work is remarkable and much appreciated.”